Thursday, April 1, 2010

Francisation Program: Learning French, Ca va?

Are you new to our city? Or been here a while and still have not mastered “la langue Française”.

Well I am letting you know that you can jump on the language wagon and learn French for the price of a week’s groceries, or a night of debauchery.

Long story short, in order to promote French language, the government of Quebec offers a Francisation program. The Francisation program is an intensive program lasting two months per level. There are 6 levels in total, then onwards writing classes. The program is subsidized meaning that when you enroll and take French classes, you need to pay an administration fee of $40.00 to your local centre that offers the courses and $10.00 for the course materials and photocopies. That’s it! Learning French has never been so cheap, compared to private institutions.

Classes usually run during the day Monday through Friday, from morning to mid-afternoon. If you work during the day, fear not, they offer intensive night classes Monday to Thursday. Time schedules differ from one centre to the next.

If you are coming out of a job, and have a certain amount of hours, you may be eligible for Emploi Quebec’s training program. They pay you to learn French!

For myself, it was a big change compared to university French; for once I was able to interact with other people and with the teacher. The daily interaction helped big time, and the improvement has shown. So take time learn French.

For more information, click here.

Love the province you are in.

Amour de Montreal.

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  1. Hi, happened upon your blog when I was searching for French courses in Montreal. Do you know if they offer one month long classes? Thanks!