Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pierre Belvédèrem - Warehouse Sale

I have amazing news to share with you, especially to those who carry a bit of Martha Stewart inside them.

Pierre Belvédèrem is having a warehouse sale. For those who are unfamiliar with the company, they own Essence du Papier. There are three locations in Montreal; the basement of Ogilvy; Place Ville Marie; and on St. Denis Street.

The store offers a variety of items, such as fine stationary to gift cards, original agendas and blank notebooks, office supplies and so on.

Every so often when they want to get rid of old stock, they have a warehouse sale. Two years ago, I had gone to the sale, and bought loads full of amazing items for myself and as great gifts. Elegant wrapping paper was going 10 cents, normally the price would of been $3.00. Expensive pillar candles that came in a range of colour were going for 50 cents. At the end of the shopping experience, I spent about 20 dollars, give or take. I came out with bagfuls of fantastic items that I still use today.

Even though the sale is in LaSalle, it is still worth the trek.

Enjoy a good sale!

Amour de Montreal

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Atrium - Skating

Is it me, have we just skipped Spring and on to Summer?

Ditching the boots for a pair of sandals is a dream come true for most Montréalers. However, like myself and quite possible others, winter has come and gone too quickly. Even though I prefer to sit on a terrace with friends drinking freshly squeezed lemonade, I cannot help to think that I did not take the opportunity to enjoy winter as I should have.

What would have I done to enjoy it? Skating, yes skating. This past winter, I only managed to wiggle my toes and feet into a pair of skates twice, yes twice. Gliding on the ice to the classical music that Park Lafontaine plays, is somehow magical and beautiful. It’s winter wonderland activity that I share with friends, following hot coco and some Baileys.

Even though spring has arrived, I would think twice before retiring the skates in your winter storage because what I love about this city is the Atrium. If you have never ventured to 1000 de la Gauchetiere, here is your chance to make up for lost winter time.

Surrounded by food outlets, is an indoor skating rink. The Atrium offers skating year round, despite the current weather conditions, you can happily skate along with other skating enthusiasts.

As sad as it is not to have our -30 degree weather not factoring the wind chill, you can still take the time to enjoy a bit of skating.

Love the city you are in.

Amour de Montreal

The Atrium
1000 de la Gauchetiere

Metro : Bonaventure

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If you’ve noticed lately, BIXI stations have been popping all over the city. For those of us unfamiliar with the system, it’s time to get acquainted with it and saddle up. To get you started, BIXI has a new promotion, buy a year subscription before May 15 and get $10.00 off. That’s $68.00 for 7 months!

Last year, the BIXI system was launched in Montreal. There are two options on how to use the BIXI, either become a member (pay yearly or monthly), or for the traveller buy a day pass. To become a member, it’s quite simple.
Members pay a year fee of $78.00 or a monthly fee of $28.00, and receive a BIXI key. With the BIXI key, a member can take out a BIXI bike at any station. The first 30 minutes is free, anything after that is at your own cost.

A 24 hour pass will cost you $5.00, as well as a hefty security deposit on your credit card of $250.00. The same rule applies for the usage as a member, the first 30 minutes is free and anything after is at your own cost. If you do become a member, note that there is no security deposit fee.

BIXI bikes are expected to be rolled out on May 1st, however if the warm weather persists and the city is able to get their act together by cleaning up the streets, we may soon be BIXI-ing.

Love the city you are in.

Amour de Montreal

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fair Trade Coffee - Cafe Rico

Like any other Saturday morning, you may find me sitting on my comfy chair in the living room, curled up reading the Gazette. Depending on the mood, I may have freshly cut toasted bread with wild berry jam, warm French Brioche, a crispy and airy croissant or a bowl full of oatmeal topped with yogurt and juicy local strawberries. Regardless of my mood, I always enjoy my Saturday breakfast with a big bowl of soy-latté.

Nothing makes a weekend day, with a fresh brew. It doesn’t matter if its peculated, made in a French press or an espresso machine. The smell and taste of coffee is a perfect way to start the day. But what makes my morning special is the fact that I buy my coffee from Café Rico.

Café Rico is a fair trade company that supports its farmers and producers of coffee grains in Latin America as well as other countries. Café Rico coffee may be found in local neighbourhood grocery stores in Montreal. And if you can’t find it in your area, then you may have to make your way to their coffee house.

Café Rico can be found on the corner of Rachel Street and Boyer Street. If you’re not looking to buy coffee by the pound, don’t fret, it’s worth the trek to grab a cup of coffee and one of their freshly baked goods. Their coffee shop is a wonderful place to unwind and read a good book. Unlike other coffee chains, the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Another thing to note is that if you are a student, you receive 10 percent off the coffee you buy.

So next time when you finish the last bit of coffee in your coffee container, fill it up with some Café Rico coffee. You’ll notice the difference in taste and also know that you are making a difference.

Love the city you are in.

Amour de Montreal

Café Rico
969 Rue Rachel Est

Metro : Mont Royal

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Journal Entry

I hope that all of you are taking time to enjoy the weather.

As for me I am catering to my guest for the long weekend, my mother.

Will return with blog entries this Monday.