Monday, April 12, 2010

Fair Trade Coffee - Cafe Rico

Like any other Saturday morning, you may find me sitting on my comfy chair in the living room, curled up reading the Gazette. Depending on the mood, I may have freshly cut toasted bread with wild berry jam, warm French Brioche, a crispy and airy croissant or a bowl full of oatmeal topped with yogurt and juicy local strawberries. Regardless of my mood, I always enjoy my Saturday breakfast with a big bowl of soy-latté.

Nothing makes a weekend day, with a fresh brew. It doesn’t matter if its peculated, made in a French press or an espresso machine. The smell and taste of coffee is a perfect way to start the day. But what makes my morning special is the fact that I buy my coffee from Café Rico.

Café Rico is a fair trade company that supports its farmers and producers of coffee grains in Latin America as well as other countries. Café Rico coffee may be found in local neighbourhood grocery stores in Montreal. And if you can’t find it in your area, then you may have to make your way to their coffee house.

Café Rico can be found on the corner of Rachel Street and Boyer Street. If you’re not looking to buy coffee by the pound, don’t fret, it’s worth the trek to grab a cup of coffee and one of their freshly baked goods. Their coffee shop is a wonderful place to unwind and read a good book. Unlike other coffee chains, the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Another thing to note is that if you are a student, you receive 10 percent off the coffee you buy.

So next time when you finish the last bit of coffee in your coffee container, fill it up with some Café Rico coffee. You’ll notice the difference in taste and also know that you are making a difference.

Love the city you are in.

Amour de Montreal

Café Rico
969 Rue Rachel Est

Metro : Mont Royal

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  1. ahhh, the taste of fair wages and humane working environments. It gets me going in the morning:)